Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken is Back

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Once upon a time, my parents would drive all the way to Tagaytay once a week for Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken. There I was in the backseat, wondering why the hell they would drive so far just for some freaking fried chicken and why we couldn’t just get a bucket of KFC. When you’re 6 years old, everything that makes a shattering, crunchy sound is deemed delicious. Anything fatty and oily is instantly approved by juvenile taste buds. That—and all things sweet. Image courtesy of Forgive me if my memory fails as I recall how Tom Sawyer’s fried chicken tasted like back in the day, but my parents can go on and on and on about how much they loved it. The story will start with the numerous dates they’ve had in a red-and-white-clad Tom Sawyer’s store, how they would forget their fights as they tore through the chicken, and how they eventually brought me, their tiny bundle of pride and joy, where I threw a tantrum (according to my mum) because I thought my chicken didn’t have enough skin. Fast forward to now when Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken has reopened at Tiendesitas. My [...]

Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken is Now In Quezon City

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This is not a drill. The famous restaurant chain in the 80’s to early 00’s is back. After reopening its doors in 2014 at Tiendesitas – Pasig City, Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken is now open at Congressional Town Center – Quezon City. If you live near the area and grew up loving Tom Sawyer’s traditional southern style fried chicken, you will be able to taste them over and over again.  But this time though make sure to bring your whole family so they can try it, too. That’s what my uncle di d! After alerting his friends (his friends went gaga), he took us there. As a 90s kid who grew up loving McDonald’s and Jollibee, I am not that aware of Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken. I don’t fully understand why they’re raving about it. But now that I got to try it, I understand and support their claim. Are you ready to give it a try? You can grab a bite Congressional Town Center! They’re open from 6am – 9pm daily! Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken 2nd Floor, #23 Congressional Ave, Brgy, Quezon City P.S Food review coming very soon!  Originally from Clarisays:   [...]

Have a Tasty Throwback: Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken is Back!

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80s kids and Greenhills babies had their crisp, juicy chicken growing up and it was sorely, deliciously missed. Now it's back at their new home, Tiendesitas! Tom Sawyer's Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken opened last week in Pasig, without much fanfare, but longtime fans of their famous fried chicken have run amok-mok-mok! with fellow fried chicken fans at their new location to bring back some comforting crispy goodness of their childhood. Photo from Tom Sawyer's Facebook page Their old-fashioned fried chicken is still affordable, every personal meal on their menu–even non-chicken items like All-Beef Spaghetti (P88) and Hickory Ribs & Rice (P198)–won't cost you over P200. The food selection is straightforward: there's their Old-Fashioned Fried Chicken available in Platters of 1 pc (P88) and 2 pcs (P138) which both come with Old-Fashioned Gravy and rice. Party Boxes are also available for family-sized feasts, and comes in 9 pcs (P576), 15 pcs (P945), and 21 pcs (P1,323). Chicken pieces come in a combination of white and dark meat. Extras to pair with your chicken are offered too, like Corn Bread, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, and Coleslaw. Photo from Tom Sawyer's Facebook page If you want to visit Tom Sawyer's on a Throwback Thursday (or any day you're craving fried chicken), the fast-casual restaurant is located at Building A of [...]

The Best Chicken in Manila That You Haven’t Tried Yet – Tom Sawyer on EsquireMag

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Thirty years ago, in pre-McDonald's Philippines, Tom Sawyer was an ultra-popular fast-food chain in Metro Manila. Chef Eli Aurelio used old recipes from 19th-century Mississippi and cooked his chickens to craggy, homespun perfection, naming his work after Mark Twain's poultry-loving hero. The perfectly fried batter is just the right amount of salty, and, more important, it seeps right down to the chicken meat (yes, even the breast). Originally from EsquireMag PH:      

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